Get Bear Smart Society

The purpose of the Get Bear Smart Society (GBS), formerly know as the Jennifer Jones Whistler Bear Society, is to protect the well–being and lives of bears by establishing a healthier co–existence between people and bears.

The GBS seeks to reduce the number of “problem” bears destroyed in BC by increasing public understanding and appreciation of bears; educating people on dealing with bears in their communities; and promoting non–lethal bear management practices among wildlife managers.


photo by Sylvia Dolson


GBS programs include workshops, seminars and Bear Smart presentations to the public; website, distribution of information through flyers, pamphlets and guidebooks; and an extensive advertisement campaign (print, radio, cable TV). The GBS programs seek not only to protect the lives of bears, but also create a safer environment for community members that live or recreate in bear country.

As a result of programs initiated by GBS, the number of human–bear conflicts and the number of “problem” bears destroyed in Whistler has dropped by about 75%!  The RMOW successfully completed the criteria established by the BC Ministry of Environment to become a Bear Smart Community in September of 2011.

In the summer of 2004, the AFOW granted $10,000 to the GBS to assist it in its Bear Smart Presentation Series and related educational materials for the Whistler community, including playing cards with a Bear Smart trivia game containing important bear smart tips.  Again in 2012, AFOW granted  $8,875 for a new series of cards.  Get Bear Smart playing cards are now sold in several merchants throughout the Whistler village and on-line.   These playing cards have resulted in sales proceeds directly to the GBS well in excess of our initial donation.

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photo by Sylvia Dolson

photo by Sylvia Dolson