Whistler Community Services Society

The purpose of the Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) is to support social sustainability in Whistler by providing programs and services that improve the ability of Whistler Community members to meet their needs and enhance their lives. The WCSS programs include visiting volunteers (home assistance for the injured or ill).

In May 2003, the AFOW made its first grant to the WCSS. The AFOW’s initial donation was directed to two programs.  The food bank, which saw a 61% increase in use from September to December 2003, received $5,000. Another $2,000 was contributed to the Counseling Assistance Fund to support subsidies for private counseling to offset recent provincial government cut–backs and changes to the mental health system.

In November 2005, the AFOW recognized the continuing needs of the WCSS by granting $5,000 for its food bank and $3,000 for the Counseling Assistance Fund.  Thereafter we have made annual grants to WCSS for the food bank, for a life skills program (SNOW) and funding to help launch new initiatives.

For more information about Whistler Community Services Society call 604-932-0113 or visit http://www.mywcss.org.

Whistler Food Bank