Whistler Search and Rescue Society

WSAR Truck

Whistler SAR Vehicle Always Ready To Go

The Whistler Search and Rescue (WSAR) Society is a volunteer organization that assists the RCMP and other agencies in a variety of search and rescue functions including civil emergencies and promotes public education in mountain and wilderness safety. Funding for Whistler SAR is by donation and through annual fundraising events.

Whistler SAR was established in 1973 as a non–profit society and has grown to become a 25–member team comprised of highly trained mountain, avalanche and swiftwater rescue personnel. Whistler SAR is on call 24 hours a day and in a typical year responds to 20 calls, many that last for extended times in very hazardous conditions.

In late 2006, the AFOW approved a grant of almost $70,000 for the purchase of a dedicated rescue vehicle. In the past, when the volunteers responded to a call they used one of their own personal vehicles which needed to be loaded with all the necessary equipment.  This 4×4 crew–cab truck and custom–built Spacekap rescue vehicle is fully equipped with everything the teams need for any situation that may arise. This new vehicle is ready to go with all equipment on board 24 hours of every day, ensuring an efficient response to each call for help.

A $35,000 grant was given to WSAR in 2014 to improve communication levels in the backcountry surrounding Whistler.

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For more information about WSAR visit their website.